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Half of homes in Barcelona are purchased in 90days

A study by a well-known real estate portal in Spain, idealista, brings to light the good climate prevailing in the property sector in Barcelona, given that 50.6% of homes put up for sale in the Catalan capital remain on the market for an average of 90 days.

This report, drafted in April on the basis of the dwellings for sale announced on the portal, shows that 15.2% of them are bought in less than a month and 87.3% remain published on the website for less than a year.

The Eixample, the most sought-after district for buying a home in Barcelona

Figures vary depending on the Barcelona district in which the homes are located. The Eixample tops the sales list with 22.8% of the total, followed by Sant Martí, Horta Guinardó, Gracia and Les Corts with 8.9%.

As for prices, in April the average acquisition cost was 324,689€, and the highest number of homes sold were those costing below 200,000€ (almost 33%) and between 200,000 and 300,000 euros (27.8%).

These data reflect the upturn in sales being experienced by the property sector in Barcelona and the high demand for the purchase of dwellings, which continues to increase after having gone through a far more moderate period. The figures can equally be interpreted as an urgent alert for those who are currently actively searching for a flat in Barcelona.